5 Tips To Secure Your Facebook Privacy

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Protecting your privacy on any Social Network is important, privacy on Facebook has been an major issue. With Facebook’s radical changes to its privacy policy many have decided to quit using the network. However while you are still using it here are some useful guidelines to protect your information…

1) When you make an update in the Facebook, there is a share option on the right corner you can select the people you like to share the update by selecting “Friends only” “Everyone” or any specific “lists”. When you share it with “Everyone” even the non Facebook users can view it. It is available in the open web.

2) Control what people can see when they visit your profile, by changing it in the Privacy Settings. The best thing to do is remove what people can see outside Facebook about you completely. This can be done by unchecking the “Public Search Results” under “Privacy Settings – Search”.

3) Audit your likes
4) Control what friends can share about you through applications
5) Third Party Applications

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