Twitter For Random Acts Of Kindness

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Talk about innovative way of using Social Media, Egde is just upping the slab when it comes to it. “The anti-irritation platform,” from Edge is attracting a few well deserved attention for its random acts of kindness, in an attempt to resolve the irritations expressed by consumers online. It is a great initiative though they will not be able to solve all the irritations faced by the users.

This Edge is doing Via its @EdgeShaveZone Twitter handle and #soirritating hashtag, Edge is slowly developing a following of gripers like Mr. DeCoste as part of a long-term campaign with big aspirations to own the position of irritation prevention.

The social-media effort has started slowly, with still fewer than 900 followers since it launched last month. Though it is likely to grow big with such innovative and random acts of kindness.

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