INFOGRAPHIC: The Facebook Yearbook 2010

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In this infographic you will see the explosive growth of Facebook in the year 2010. Every second 7.9 users signed up on Facebook, taking the number of users from 337 million to 585 million in 2010. Among the top 10 countries on Facebook, India recorded the highest increase in user growth with a 228% rise and Indonesia is the 2nd largest country in terms of membership after the US.

The top 3 brands on Facebook are form the food industry with Coca-Cola adding 4 fans per second. The demographic of the user base between the age group of 18 – 34 years is the highest with 187.7 million users, but the fastest growing user base is the 65+ years with a growth rate of 124%. More on the infographic.

Source: Techcrunch

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