INFOGRAPHIC: Evolution of Social Gaming

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The growing popularity of games on mobile and social networking sites have got more people hooked to gaming worldwide. In the last decade there were 150-250 million gamers, today there are 1-1.2 billion gamers globally! From being a single player console based game in 1972, gaming has evolved to a great extent with social experience of gaming getting better with each development. The introduction of Gameboy in 1989 took portable gaming to a new level, however the social experience was absent. It was 1993 when DOOM’s released sparked the fire for networked gaming revolution.

Today there are 26 million unique users who play social games on mobile devices, 100 million play games on social networks and it is estimated that by 2012, 148 million households are expected to have a next generation game console connected to the internet. More information on the infographic below.

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Source: Rounds

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