The Rise Of Facebook In India

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Social networking is transforming the way world communicates and stays connected. While Orkut triggered the social media craze in India, Facebook caught up with Orkut at a fast pace, and currently, with over 750 million users worldwide, Facebook has taken the title of being India’s No. 1 social network.

The lack of features offered by Orkut was one of the main reasons that Indian users switched their patronage to Facebook. Facebook offers its users local language support, mobile accessibility and the ability to create group conversations around statuses and links. The games offered on Facebook also go a long way in attracting the Indian audience. Orkut mainly has a local network, while Facebook boasts of a global one. And in these times where people travel all over the world for various reasons, Facebook acts as a powerful platform for users to connect with people in other parts of the world.

It has been noticed, off late, that the number of females and senior citizens joining Facebook has also been on the rise. The number of senior citizens joining Facebook is on the rise – one in every five senior citizens is known to log on to Facebook for an hour on a regular basis.

While most people assume that the Indian female population would dominate the social networking scene, studies show that 70% of the Indian Facebook users are male.
However, gender statistics also show that the female population using social media in India has risen by approximately 77% in the last few months. Some opine that the increased presence of women centric brands on Facebook attracts more female users. Others attribute this rise in popularity of Facebook to the accessibility of the social network through mobile handsets.

The advanced sharing options offered by Facebook, the security features, where you can block users from viewing your profile, the option to comment on friends’ statuses, etc. are just icing on top of the cake, when it comes to this social media network. The Indian audience is captivated by the possibilities of doing a variety of things all on a single website that allows them, above all, to connect to people all over the world.

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