Google+ launching Facebook-like-Business-Pages will be a game changer: Adhvith Dhuddu

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As Google+ opens up to everyone (i.e. no invitation required to join Google+), our CEO, Adhvith Dhuddu shared some of his thoughts on what this means for Google+ going forward in a leading business daily, The Business Standard in India. Other industry leaders like Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm, Rajiv Dingra of WatBlog and Hareesh Tibrewala of Social Wavelength also shared their expert opinions. Quoting from the article, our CEO shared,

“Adhvith Dhuddu, founder and chief executive, social media management firm AliveNow, believes Google+ has the means to integrate all its products from maps to pictures and videos to documents on the same page. The turning point for the social networking site would arrive when it opens itself to business users. “Google+ is expected to launch a Facebook-for-business-like product in the coming months, and that may help the site to drive new users who want to engage with Google’s platform,” he says. However, both Dhuddu and Dingra agree amassing three million users in three months is an exceptional feat for Google+. “I can see Google+ touching 15 million users from India in a year’s time, but Facebook would grow stronger,” says Dhuddu.”

Mahesh Murthy from Pinstrom predicts – “I see Google+ accounting for around 20 million users by the third quarter of 2012, and touching the 50-million user mark by the third quarter of 2014.”

Read more about and what’s next for Google+ in this extensive and well written article by Priyanka Joshi from Business Standard.

Read the full article here Business Standard

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