INFOGRAPHIC: How to conquer Facebook Status Updates

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It’s now common knowledge that not all Facebook status updates are seen by the thousands or hundreds of thousands of fans on your Facebook page. Every user on Facebook is a fan of many pages (about 50-80 pages or more) and has lot’s of friends. So there’s no way that the Facebook news feed can accommodate all status updates from friends and pages, there would be a newsfeed overflow! That’s why Facebook uses EdgeRank to decide who sees your updates.

EdgeRank basically ranks every status update you write on three factors – Popularity (How many likes and comments your status get), Relevance (How interactive your fans have been with past statuses) and Recency (How recently your status was posted.) So how do you increase the number of impressions, or the number of fans who see your status update? Browse through this infographic and you’ll figure it out!

Source: All Facebook

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