10 Really Cool High Tech marketing solutions for your business

Marketing your product or service on social media is great, but here are some other really cool methods, platforms and ways in which you can market yourself. If you adopt any of these platforms one thing is for sure, your brand will be perceived as cool, forward looking and outgoing. Some of these are:

– Facial Recognition
– Augmented reality
– Eavesdropping Applications
– Incentives and Virtual currency

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Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter – All in one

Say hello to a new and innovative social networking utility called Hachi. Their tag-line is “Connect Smartly” and we can safely say that if they do achieve what they claim to offer, i.e., the ability to pull in all contacts, friends, connections, etc from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ onto one platform that’s searchable it’s definitely connecting smartly! Check out the service at gohachi.com and do let us know what you think.

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Marketing Tips – Building your brand on LinkedIn

A well rounded article from Inc that talks about how you build your brand on LinkedIn. It’s quite true that, “Potential customers now assess your brand based on your LinkedIn profile rather than your website.” So it’s doubly important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is accurate, professional and up to date. The article gives a simple step-by-step process of how you can upgrade your brand’s LinkedIn presence. Here’s step one:

1. Choose a customer-focused message. Many entrepreneurs tend to think from the inside out: This is our product, here are its features. Instead, think from the outside in: Our customers buy from us in order to achieve this goal.

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Tips to raise your Klout score

Social media is big, and if you are an influencer on social media, that’s really big! One of the standard metrics that’s used widely to measure the social media influence of a person/account is the Klout score. Higher the Klout score, the more influential you are. Besides doing the basics right like creating original content, tweeting regularly, RTing regularly, etc, here are some more interesting tips on how you can increase your Klout score.

Tip 1: Schedule your posts
Tip 2: Engage with Klout gurus
Tip 3: Understand the ratios

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