INFOGRAPHIC: Insights Into Facebook Ad Metric

Is there a strong co-relation between CPC and CTR in facebook advertising?

The answer to the above question is YES! There is a strong co-relation between CPC and CTR, and this Infographic explains these co-relations that runs the Facebook Metrics, globally.

Check out how Global Facebook Metrics work!

Source: AllFacebook

INFOGRAPHIC: Are you Bad on Social Media?

The social media wave has taken over each one of us and has been successful in making money and the majority of the youth are active in this medium. Let’s find out how you are using the medium to communicate with others and the etiquette that you follow. Do you think you are a person who is not posting any offensive or objectionable material on your page? An odd 73% said they encountered with offensive material once in a while or never! So find out more of what people have faced in the real world of social media.

Source: Mediabistro

INFOGRAPHIC: Birds Eye View of the Presidential Race!

You can expect good numbers in every field starting from the job data and reforms taking full swing when US is about to go through the year of election. Let’s have an understanding of what the presidential candidates (Obamas and Romneys) are upto and how they use social media to leverage their reach to the masses and  here’s an interesting infographic which explains all these factors.

INFOGRAPHIC: Influence the Influencers in Social Media!

We have always known a fact that all brands are trying to get attention for their product or service on social media platforms. As they say, “everyone is unique”, every brand is also unique in its own way and every brand tries to seek attention and some brands do it successfully but others are in the middle, trying to figure out how to leverage the most using these platforms. Do brands really know how to influence the influencers? Yes, this becomes apparent when we try to understand the people who use these social media sites and their level of influence over their followers, friends etc., Use this as your reference when you want to seek attention and engage them effectively!

Source: PR Newswire

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Facts and Figures 2012!

Here are the latest facts and figures on the worlds largest Social Networking site “Facebook”. With 845 million monthly active users Facebook has the largest base on social networking sites, but we have been only users so far, do we really know what it all boils down to? Here is a  wonderful infographic on what does matter for the marketers and also for the users on Facebook.