INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Commandments To Be Followed On Social Media For Handling Customers.

In today’s socially connected world, every brand knows that they have to be present in these platforms for various reasons ranging from providing a good customer service to announcing the launch of a new product.

There’s nothing wrong in choosing different sites but how to communicate is what many brands really miss out. For an effective presence in social media, the brand has to follow these simple but effective steps.

More information on the Infographic below


Source: Mediabistro

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Battle Ground for Luxury Brands!

It is very obvious that major luxury brands are having a huge presence in the social media platforms, one such classic example is “Burberry” where their digital spend for 2012 has consumed more than 60% of the total ad budget. This has resulted in 29% upscale of their revenues for the same period!

Interesting Stats:
1. 69% of all luxury brands have a Facebook presence.
2. 46% of all luxury brands have an account in the micro-blogging site Twitter.
3. 34% of all luxury brands have at least one mobile app.

For more such insights, see how luxury brands are fighting it out at this battle field on the Infographic below.

INFOGRAPHIC: Going without smart phone for a week? How would you feel? Find out!

Here is a wonderful infographic about the people who are called ‘The Mobile Employee’ and the way they were using the smart phones during previous years and now. The usage pattern has gone up drastically and when asked if they can go without their ipads, androids, blackberrys, galaxy tabs a whooping 59% of ‘mobile employees’ got emotional and we knew this would happen to you aswell. For more cool facts like this, browse through this interesting infographic below.

Source: XCube Labs