A smart marketing campaign which is a cool mix of online and offline experience. This amazing campaign was a part of marketing strategy by Mini in Germany. They used an offline kiosk, called it as photo box, to snap a picture of any visitor by making them wear ear muffs which was used to highlight the fashionable mirrors on the car, and the pic can then be seen on a billboard. Participation for this same campaign could also be done through their Facebook page. The best part was their amazing Facebook integration allowing people to participate from all around the world.

Check out the video!!

Source: SimplyZesty

VIDEO: Facebook Poke Gets Physical

I am sure everybody is aware of the Facebook “poke” button but still very much unaware of the functionality. Well, in order to give it a real life feel, the poke gets physical. It’s basically a device tied around your arm, which is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth. Every time you receive a poke on Facebook, this poking machine converts the Facebook poke into physical poke. Interesting? Check out the video!!

Question is, how much of a fun would this device be for frequent pokers??

Source: Mashable

VIDEO: KLM Meet and Seat!

We’ve seen innovative ways in which KLM has engaged with it’s social media audience before, like the KLM Live Reply. Now, KLM is going one step further with it’s Meet and Seat application, a new service to meet interesting passengers on your flight. More in the video below… is this the beginning of social travel?

AUGMENTED REALITY: Shopper Stop Secrets

And another awesome augmented reality based Android app that lets you unfold secret offers from Shopper Stop.

Check out the video below:

We’ve been seeing a lot of brands are already taking the first steps towards these innovative and interactive marketing forms. The question that remains unanswered is, how much of a tangible value does it add to the brand? What do you think?

Source: Shoppersstop1991