Now you can Dislike stuff on Facebook (with a Firefox plugin)

We all have friends that post inane or annoying comments, photos, or videos on Facebook. Sure, we can hide their content, but more and more Facebookers are looking for a


Google Dashboard: Now you know what Google knows about you

There’s no two ways about it: if you use a lot of Google services, then Google knows a lot about you. Google has received a solid amount of criticism because


Social Media in Plain English, by CommonCraft

Watch this video on the CommonCraft website Click here to go to CommonCraft’s website

Social Media: Asia Vs. USA

An interesting article on Labnol talks about the differences in social media behavior in Asian countries and the west. Not surprisingly, social media activity and engagement in western countries is


The 50 hottest brands on Twitter.

Just about every big brand seemingly has a Twitter presence at this point, but which are generating the most buzz? TweetedBrands provides a simple answer to the question, by looking