Who’s talking about you on the Internet? — Interesting article at Labnol.org

We all know that we Google ourselves out of curiosity. It’s fun to find out what results pop up when we Google our friends or relatives. But for brand managers, advertisers and managers, what pops up in a Google search or Twitter search is vitally important as those snippets or stories are read by thousands and help shape how a brand, product or service is perceived. And if you thought Google was the only source to find out what everyone’s saying about your brand or business on the internet, then you need to read this article to find out twelve other sources. You also need to read this piece if you want to monitor your online reputation like how you do your offline reputation. A great piece on Labnol

4 emerging trends of the Real-Time web

A great article by Bernard Moon who talks about 4 emerging trends of the real time web. Real time search got a huge boost in the last few weeks as Microsoft and Google were scrambling to sign deals with twitter for enhanced search results. Although real time search in still in it’s infancy, it’s already creating waves as many news stories are reported first on micro blogging sites like twitter. There’s always a lot of hype surrounding Google products, but with Google Wave I feel the hype is deserved as it could transform many aspects of the web. Besides real time collaboration and real time search, two other emerging real time web phenomena, according to Bernard Moon, are real time analytics and real time commerce. It’s a great article that every web and social media enthusiast must read.

Should your company use Social Media Marketing?

A very well written article about whether or not social media marketing should be a part of a company’s marketing and branding mix. The author discusses many aspects like whether or not your target audience is social media savvy, strategies to ensure that your brand is protected, some advantages of outsourcing social media, etc. A must read for marketing managers and company executives who are exploring the option of including social media in their marketing and branding strategies.

Facebook reveals it’s next six months of platform features

Facebook has just published a detailed roadmap of the features it expects to add to its Platform over the next six months, along with projected launch dates. While the roadmap is intended largely for developers of applications – both on Facebook and on third-party sites and mobile apps using Facebook Connect – it gives users an idea of how we might interact with these apps in the future. Some pieces that sound intriguing:

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