Google Social Search goes live!

Last week launched the social revolution for search. Microsoft’s Bing fired the first shot by announcing search deals with Twitter and Facebook and, at the Web 2.0 Summit, launching its Twitter integration. Google fired back almost immediately though, completing its own deal with Twitter and, perhaps more importantly, announcing a new feature: Social Search.

Social search, demoed at the Web 2.0 Summit by Google’s VP of Search Marissa Mayer, combines results from your friend’s blogs, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed, and a wide variety of other social media sites (so long as your friends have connected their social accounts to their Google profiles) with Google’s regular search results. The feature will go live this afternoon, and can be found within Google Labs.

Twitter Airtel deal adds 110 million potential users in India!

As of today, 110 million new people can tweet via SMS, all from the second-most populous nation in the world. Twitter, in an extensive announcement detailing its vision for making a global impact, announced that it had secured an SMS deal with India’s largest mobile operator, Bharti Airtel. Its customers can now send their 140 character updates via texting. While texting an update will still cost Indian customers, receiving SMS updates from Twitter will be completely free.

5 Ways that Social Media is changing our lives.

Great article about exploring 5 massive ways that social media is changing our lives. Social media has definitely changed many aspects of our lives, whether personal or professional. Like how so many things changed and transformed during the internet and web age, the social media age is ushering in changes as well. Everything from the way we do business to how we get our news is different in the social media age.

(An AliveNow innovation. AliveNow has a patent pending for Social Media Cards)

What’s the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group

For many new Facebookers, thats a great question, but more importantly marketing and branding executives at large companies need to know the vital differences between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. In the link given below, Howard Greenstein’s article about Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages explores all various similarities and differences.

One primary difference that is very important for companies to know is this: A Facebook page can ONLY be created and maintained by the company/organization or by anyone else who has been fully authorized by the company/organization. Unofficial and unauthorized Facebook pages can be reported to Facebook on their website. This is important because bad elements could sometime make fake Facebook pages representing a brand, product or service and give out incorrect or misleading information about the brand, product or service.

On the other hand, a Facebook Group can be created and maintained by anyone, so even fans of a service or product can create a Facebook Group.