Aster DM Healthcare partners with Alivenow to launch a multi-platform initiative to connect the needy with volunteers

Dubai based healthcare conglomerate, Aster DM Healthcare has launched an initiative through Alivenow to help those in need by building a multi-platform portal spanning from a website to Android and iOS apps. The project was brought to fruition with the help of Dubai-based agency Raaee. The portal functions by connecting anybody in need of free medical help with volunteer medical professionals who are willing to devote some time of their schedules to helping those in need.

The portal was also part of the Aster @30 initiative marking 30 years of service of the healthcare giant. The website and app platform facilitated creating profiles and checking out latest events as part of its primary objectives. Aster Volunteers was also a major project in terms of a very robust backend CMS. The CMS was built to facilitate the management of volunteer and user data. The website also had a profile editing section for users and volunteers.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Going without smart phone for a week? How would you feel? Find out!

Here is a wonderful infographic about the people who are called ‘The Mobile Employee’ and the way they were using the smart phones during previous years and now. The usage pattern has gone up drastically and when asked if they can go without their ipads, androids, blackberrys, galaxy tabs a whooping 59% of ‘mobile employees’ got emotional and we knew this would happen to you aswell. For more cool facts like this, browse through this interesting infographic below.

Source: XCube Labs

YouTube Brings Pre-Roll Ads to Android Mobile App

It’s a well known fact that since Google’s acquisition of YouTube for a whopping $1.6 billion, the company has struggled to monetize the video site. But in the last 2-3 years things have looked better as brands started leveraging in-video Ads, and an array of other Advertising options available for customers interested in advertising on YouTube. YouTube is now taking that to the next level and introducing pre-roll ads in their Andriod mobile apps.

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