Aster DM Healthcare partners with Alivenow to launch a multi-platform initiative to connect the needy with volunteers

Dubai based healthcare conglomerate, Aster DM Healthcare has launched an initiative through Alivenow to help those in need by building a multi-platform portal spanning from a website to Android and iOS apps. The project was brought to fruition with the help of Dubai-based agency Raaee. The portal functions by connecting anybody in need of free medical help with volunteer medical professionals who are willing to devote some time of their schedules to helping those in need.

The portal was also part of the Aster @30 initiative marking 30 years of service of the healthcare giant. The website and app platform facilitated creating profiles and checking out latest events as part of its primary objectives. Aster Volunteers was also a major project in terms of a very robust backend CMS. The CMS was built to facilitate the management of volunteer and user data. The website also had a profile editing section for users and volunteers.
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VIDEO: Application turns your Facebook data into a book

This is one Facebook application that’s beautiful and informative. Beautiful because the end result of using this application is an elegant looking book about your Facebook history! That’s right, this application – Social Memories – turns all your Facebook data into a book. Informative because you yourself will be surprised by the many things you discover through your “social memories book” created by this application.

Watch this video to learn more and read more about this at Fast Company Design website

Walmart developed an application for group deals on Facebook

As the group deals become a big phenomena Walmart jumps into it, to gives its fans group deals via Crowd Saver. Crowd Saver is a application were a deal is given to the fans and when a certain number of likes are received for the deal they make it happen. It says “If enough people Like this deal, we’ll make it happen”. The Very first deal of 18% off on plasma TV got 5000 Likes in 24 hrs. Usually the in group deals the customer has to pay upfront, but here Walmart tells the customer to come and buy the product the same week. This approach to appeal crowd gives better deals to the customer and even pulls huge crowd to give big sales numbers to this retailer.

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