INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Commandments To Be Followed On Social Media For Handling Customers.

In today’s socially connected world, every brand knows that they have to be present in these platforms for various reasons ranging from providing a good customer service to announcing the launch of a new product.

There’s nothing wrong in choosing different sites but how to communicate is what many brands really miss out. For an effective presence in social media, the brand has to follow these simple but effective steps.

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Source: Mediabistro

Bacardi rethinks it’s brands’ online strategy

It’s not at all surprising that Bacardi wants to, “scale back its brand websites and refocus its marketing efforts on social-media platforms.” With a majority of Bacardi’s target audience in the 18-35 segment, i.e., the demographic most active on social media, it makes a lot of sense for Bacardi to focus it’s efforts on social media.

Excerpt: “The drinks company, which owns the Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Dewar’s and Grey Goose brands, will pare back its sites because they are expensive to run and are experiencing a fall in visitors, according to sources. Over the next one to two years, it is believed that Bacardi will shift up to “90%” of its digital spend to Facebook as it no longer deems dotcom sites relevant. A source said: “With dotcoms you are not getting a great return on investment if you are not getting the hits.”