Digital Marketing News: Innovative Content Marketing Strategy for Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApps

Have you checked out this clever little technology called Newsfeed SmartApps? This patent pending product lets brand create facebook posts that are interactive and playable right in the newsfeed! Newsfeed SmartApps literally introduces a new content type or a new genre of content that a digital marketer and a social media strategist has in their content marketing toolbox.

Currently you are limited to posting photos, videos, GIFs and links to external URLs as a facebook post. While these are great content types, there are limitations which newsfeed smartapp technology solves. For example, with this tool you can have interactive games playable right in the newsfeed, or have buzzfeed type quizzes that work directly in the newsfeed.

Here’s a short video of how newsfeed smartapps work.

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Social Media for Niches

Social media gets some desi touch. Indian entrepreneurs are getting into social media and creating new markets and social media spaces and exploiting the untapped markets by getting into the niches. This article talks about the people who have come up with creative ideas and what they have established online. The concepts by each of them are unique and new to Indian consumers, but they lack the ability to keep their customers engaged and hooked up to their websites. The writer says they can learn a lot from the social media giant Facebook to make their websites sticky keep the customers hooked.

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