Video: Digital Humanities

Digital humanities, in simple words, is an area where digital media is brought into use for humanitarian activities. The video below by Paul Conneally, a public communications manager for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and a leader in using digital technologies for humanitarian aid, speaks about how hyperconnected the world is becoming, and how internet and mobile devices, together, going to coordinate, inform, and guide relief efforts.

Source: TEDTalks

VIDEO : Social Media In Asia

Asia is a very diverse continent even if it is their digital ecosystems. In this video various statistics of Social Media usage in different countries across Asia Pacific region is given.

The Internet turns 40 today!

I remember when I first saw it. My dad called me over to his office, where he had a x86 PC with a 1200 bit/s modem, which I’d mostly used for games (I was 15 at the time) and connecting to various BBS‘. He said: there’s this new thing, they call it the Internet. I think it’ll be really important.

What can you do with it, I asked? You can see what’s on other computers, far away, he said. You can do it via Gopher, or FTP, or Cello (the predecessor of today’s WWW browsers). There wasn’t a lot to see there, so I quickly moved onto other things, but soon after that day, a new way to browse the Internet came out: Netscape.