VIDEO: The Microsoft Surface!!

Microsoft Surface a notable prelude to a different generation of tablets. This Windows 8 Surface is definitely so much more than a normal tablet. Enter Tablet 2.0!! Based on a whole new next generation of mobile computing, this piece of beauty is not backed by any other brand’s hardware running Microsoft’s software. This utilitarian tablet is not just entirely a Tablet, it’s also a desktop in its sleekest form. Amazing isn’t it?? ┬áDo you think it’s worth an iPad Killer??

Check out the Video below to know more!

Source: Laptop Mag

VIDEO: Microsoft’s Take On Google’s Products!

The classic battle between Microsoft and Google has taken a bad shape with this video. Googlighting, a video that takes numerous hits on Google’s business products like doc and excel. This video tried to highlight the loop holes that Google docs have and their approach of changing its features as they see a need.

The serious question is, how healthy is this practice of directly undermining the competition rather than highlighting ones own product offerings?? What do you think??

Source: Simply Zesty

Bing Debuts Social Search with New Facebook Integration

Searching on Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, just got more social. It’s a well known fact that Microsoft has an extremely small stake in Facebook (Microsoft invested $240 million in late 2007 for a 1.6% stake in Facebook), so it’s a natural partnership for Microsoft and Facebook to work together to strengthen Bing. There are lot’s of new features and a deeper integration with Facebook’s social plugins for better “social search” results.

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