Press Release –

Gridz, a well-known IT & Telecoms solutions company in Dubai, UAE have now chosen Alivenow,  an award-winning full-service  social media agency in Bangalore as their social media partner who would thereby, take care of all their functions.

They specialize in Customized Development, Web Portals, IT Integration and Logistical Fulfillment Solutions.They aim at not only providing systems, but complete end to end solutions including consultancy, implementation after sales services and support.

The latest establishment by Gridz is a e-Commerce Portal called, “gridzDIRECT”. It’s a consumer electronics portal addressing both corporate and individual requirements. The portal has a user friendly purchasing process with a complete supplier, customer and logistics integration. One of the major differentiation of gridzDIRECT is the use of a locally approved payment gateway that accepts UAE Dirhams with no hidden charges. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Are you Bad on Social Media?

The social media wave has taken over each one of us and has been successful in making money and the majority of the youth are active in this medium. Let’s find out how you are using the medium to communicate with others and the etiquette that you follow. Do you think you are a person who is not posting any offensive or objectionable material on your page? An odd 73% said they encountered with offensive material once in a while or never! So find out more of what people have faced in the real world of social media.

Source: Mediabistro

INFOGRAPHIC: All about Facebook “Likes”

A wonderful infographic which reveals why a customer “likes” and subscribes to a particular brand page. It becomes important for all the brands to monitor eventually why a customer unlikes a page and even goes to the extent of unsubscribing from the news letters.

Some reasons:

1. The information is no longer relevant to them.
2. Too many information or updates from the brand page.
3. Bad experience with the business.

This infographic also tells you what to do, inorder to retain those customers.

Source: Saleschase

Browser Wars: Yahoo releases the Axis browser!

Google Chrome was recently in the news as it took over Internet Explorer as the most widely used web browser in the world. As browsing becomes ubiquitous and more importantly as browsing increases on tablets, mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers, Yahoo! has released it’s own browser Axis, keeping in mind the changing browsing habits of the online audience. Here’s a cool preview of the browser, and it looks like it could give the other browsers a run for their money! Do share your thoughts.