INFOGRAPHIC: Being Social in the Office!

Are you a person who can’t keep away from the social media platforms? Then this infographic is for you. There are different ways companies limit access to the use of these social sites in the office premises. How would you feel, if your employer asks for your Facebook password? Read on to find out!

We also know that recruiters are using the power of these social tools to recruit resources and when they limit access to use the same social media sites to the employees, it is not a good sign for the organisation. Instead, they should embrace this social media phenomenon.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Do you know why your Employers are using Social Media?

If you are wondering why your Employer is using various platforms, then this infographic can help you to understand. 53% employers have a policy on the use of social media, whereas 42% employers say “No” to use of social media in the work place.

Find out Why Employers Like Social Media on the Infographic below.

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INCREDIBLE STATS – State of the Web

A fantastic presentation from Mary Meeker, a partner at one of the leading venture capital firms in the world, Kleiner Perkins. Superb stats from around the world pertaining to the web, social and mobile space. View it below.

INFOGRAPHIC: All about the Mobile World and the Advertisers.

Do you know by 2015 the number of mobile users? It’s expected to cross a little over 2 billion! And here’s a world full of opportunities for the advertisers who would like to cash in on the users to advertise and sell their products. This is clearly evident from the fact that the traditional cell phones are being out smarted by the smartphones.

Google is the BIG Boss in mobile advertisements now, but who knows what there in store for Google by 2015. Google is also trying to figure out  who are responding for what kind of advertisements. And there’s going to be a burst in the rise of the “QR Codes”, where a survey taken recently reveals that almost 50% of the smartphone users have scanned “QR Codes” for various reasons, and imagine the usage of QR Codes by 2015. More on the Infographic below.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Commandments To Be Followed On Social Media For Handling Customers.

In today’s socially connected world, every brand knows that they have to be present in these platforms for various reasons ranging from providing a good customer service to announcing the launch of a new product.

There’s nothing wrong in choosing different sites but how to communicate is what many brands really miss out. For an effective presence in social media, the brand has to follow these simple but effective steps.

More information on the Infographic below


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