INFOGRAPHIC: The Art Of Creating Engaging Content And Building Audience!

Every brand is trying to understand the social media wave and they are trying to create a loyal follower base be it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Content is king on social media, so it becomes very crucial for brands to have an engaging content to begin with. Here’s an infographic which tells in detail on how to create such engaging content!

Source: Mashable

INFOGRAPHIC: The Social Media Urge!

Find out some interesting stuff about social media, especially if you keep logging into any of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., then this infographic is for people like you!

Source: Mashable

Sweden Twitter Initiative Goes Haywire!

How would you react, if you’ve been asked to be the voice of your country on Twitter?? Sounds very offbeat, right?? Well the Swedish government, in order to promote tourism, has been involved in what can be called as a very injudicious initiative.

As a part of their strategy to project Sweden as a tourist destination, the Swedish government has been handing over the @sweden Twitter account to a different citizen every week.

But the CEO of VisitSweden, Thomas Brühl thinks otherwise. As told to Mashable, “No one owns the brand of Sweden more than its people. With this initiative we let them show their Sweden to the world.” But, certainly, this hasn’t gone right for them. 

To read all the controversial Tweets by the Swedish resident handling the @sweden account, click here 

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Little Larry Bird From Twitter Dawns A New Look!

Everybody’s favorite Larry bird from Twitter, named after basketball legend Larry Bird has gone through a cosmetic change. The micro blogging giant has unveiled a new logo of Twitter with some strategic changes in it. Counting on its hopes of generating $1 billion sales in 2014, the Twitter bird has been fitted accordingly, looking skyward. Also, to give a more smarter and professional appeal, the Twitter bird now gets a professional haircut.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Battle Ground for Luxury Brands!

It is very obvious that major luxury brands are having a huge presence in the social media platforms, one such classic example is “Burberry” where their digital spend for 2012 has consumed more than 60% of the total ad budget. This has resulted in 29% upscale of their revenues for the same period!

Interesting Stats:
1. 69% of all luxury brands have a Facebook presence.
2. 46% of all luxury brands have an account in the micro-blogging site Twitter.
3. 34% of all luxury brands have at least one mobile app.

For more such insights, see how luxury brands are fighting it out at this battle field on the Infographic below.