A smart marketing campaign which is a cool mix of online and offline experience. This amazing campaign was a part of marketing strategy by Mini in Germany. They used an offline kiosk, called it as photo box, to snap a picture of any visitor by making them wear ear muffs which was used to highlight the fashionable mirrors on the car, and the pic can then be seen on a billboard. Participation for this same campaign could also be done through their Facebook page. The best part was their amazing Facebook integration allowing people to participate from all around the world.

Check out the video!!

Source: SimplyZesty

Video Case: TokStok Twitter Manuals

Here’s how a furniture store, “Tok&Stok” used Twitter to communicate how easy and quick it is to assemble their furniture and even saved a lot paper that would have been used to print assembly manuals. A fantastic idea and great use of twitter. What do you think?