Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Preparedness Interactive Experience Designed & Built by AliveNow’s Newsfeed SmartApps.

New home, international travel, dream car or starting your own business - what’s your next big goal in life? A goal remains as a dream until you start working it. Life goals need meticulous planning and guidance to achieve them. Are you aware of the plans and actions required to meet your goals? To know if you have made all the right plans and actions to meet your goals, simply take this interactive Newsfeed SmartApp assessment that we built for Bajaj Allianz. This interactive experience analyses the factors that impact an individual’s life goals to calculate their ‘life goal preparedness score’. The results help the users compare and understand their efficacy to meet the goals with the benchmarks set by Bajaj’s national survey.

The experience helped experts at Bajaj Allianz to reach out to the users to help them with effective financial recommendations and tips to meet their goals.

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