ICICI Bank’s Festive Bonanza Interactive Video Experience Designed & Built by AliveNow

Diwali is a joyful time in a typical Indian household. And while the Indian households were ready for the occasion, Shah Rukh Khan found himself in an unprepared set. So, he enlisted the help of the users on this interactive video to help decorate his set for the shoot, by using ICICI’s Festive Bonanza offers on their debit and credit cards. This interactive video experience allowed the user to decorate SRK’s set with a wide variety of products, from decorations and appliances to even gadgets and mobile devices, demonstrating the massive savings one can achieve on these offers. The step-by-step interactive process offers a detailed walkthrough of the offers available and the visual appeal of the video gave the user better retention of this interactive experience.

Try the experience here - https://bit.ly/ICICIVideo