Medlife creates Facebook Augmented Reality CPR experience for World Heart Day.

Medlife, India’s largest online pharmacy launched a creative and informative Facebook augmented reality filter to educate citizens about CPR procedures. Conceptualized and built by AliveNow, the creative tech agency who are official AR partners with Facebook and Instagram, this AR experience was launched prior to World Heart Day on September 29th.

For the World Heart Day 2019, Medlife leveraged this opportunity to educate and engage people by launching the life-saving Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) procedure AR filter.

The brand aims to reach people across the country and the AR filter will be available for everyone to try on Facebook. The Facebook AR filter guides users to perform the CPR technique to save a life within a short time window. This immersive experience will help the populace easily understand the importance of using this technique during a medical emergency to save someone’s life. Medlife also plans to give away some exciting gifts for people participating in this activity.

Speaking about this, Meera Iyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Medlife, said, “Medlife’s vision is to help improve health outcomes for a billion Indians by making healthcare simple, accessible and personal. In this light, the campaign on CPR training assumes importance since sudden cardiac arrest is a condition that can affect anyone, anytime and anywhere. CPR can be performed by anyone and we aim to educate people about this through both our offline and digital campaigns.”

Sriram Purushotham, Account Manager at AliveNow shared, “It is very exciting for us to create and build this unique AR experience for users. Medlife wanted to explore ways in which they can engage the digital community using AR. We developed this simple and educative experience for them as they wanted to communicate the importance of CPR technique to the people across the country. This immersive experience lets people try and learn the technique which can save lives in times of a medical emergency.”

Head over to Medlife’s facebook page to experience this Facebook AR filter, or click here to give it a try -