Singapore Cable Car launches nostalgic Facebook AR experience to celebrate 45th anniversary.

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Singapore Cable Car - the most breathtaking way to get into and around Sentosa - One Faber Group has partnered Carbon Interactive and creative technology company AliveNow to create a fun and interactive Facebook AR Camera Filter that takes a user down memory lane.

On a visit to Singapore, there are many must-see attractions that tourists have on their itinerary, and top among them is a visit to Faber Peak and riding the Singapore Cable Car. As the years have gone by, the views from the cable car have also changed over time and through this Facebook AR Filter experience, One Faber Group rekindles our desire to hop on a Singapore Cable Car.

Users are transported back in time through AR, letting them hang out with their friends, take pictures and record videos, all while wearing fun accessories from the last 4 decades starting from the 1970s up to the present day.

Speaking about the project, Siddharth Satyanath from AliveNow said, “As official partners with Facebook for AR, we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of the Spark AR Platform. After working on this fun project with the team, all I can think of doing is taking a ride on a Singapore Cable Car!”

Lily Chia, Managing Director of Carbon Interactive said, “Singapore Cable Car has a rich heritage and holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans. Through the AR filter, users can relive their memories of this iconic attraction in an engaging and entertaining way. It also provides an immersive experience for new riders to learn more about its colourful history.”

“We’re pleased to launch our first personalised AR Filter in conjunction with Singapore Cable Car’s 45th Anniversary celebrations,” Buhdy Bok, Managing Director, One Faber Group said. “It is an innovative way to highlight our focus on creating lasting memories for tourists and bringing back nostalgic moments for the locals.”

Users can access this fun Facebook AR experience directly on One Faber Group’s official Facebook page here -