Aster DM Healthcare partners with Alivenow to launch a multi-platform initiative to connect the needy with volunteers

Dubai based healthcare conglomerate, Aster DM Healthcare has launched an initiative through Alivenow to help those in need by building a multi-platform portal spanning from a website to Android and iOS apps. The project was brought to fruition with the help of Dubai-based agency Raaee. The portal functions by connecting anybody in need of free medical help with volunteer medical professionals who are willing to devote some time of their schedules to helping those in need.

The portal was also part of the Aster @30 initiative marking 30 years of service of the healthcare giant. The website and app platform facilitated creating profiles and checking out latest events as part of its primary objectives. Aster Volunteers was also a major project in terms of a very robust backend CMS. The CMS was built to facilitate the management of volunteer and user data. The website also had a profile editing section for users and volunteers.
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Unique Facebook Messenger Chatbot for India’s Independence Day: Create personalized videos and banners, discover India’s 70yr history.

As alivenow continues to strengthen it’s facebook messenger chatbot and AI portfolio, they launched an amazing messenger bot for India’s upcoming Independence Day this August 15th! alivenow is quickly becoming the go to chatbot agency for India and the Middle East with impressive facebook messenger chatbots launched for brands like Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, HSBC, Emirates NBD and most recently for Sony Pictures and Columbia Productions, The Dark Tower movie.

The India Independence Day chatbot was built to get more and more Indian’s to share personalized Independence day wishes and thousands have already used this bot! Click here to begin conversing with the chatbot:

Users could instantly generate a beautiful personalized video wishing their friends and family a happy Independence Day. The video has their name and profile picture included seamlessly. This video could be shared on Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp! This was just one unique feature of the many interesting things users could do with the bot. With a choice of 5 custom Independence Day banner options, a user could instantly create a personalized banner as well. If a user picked Audio Wishes, they could record their wish and the bot would reply with the same audio but add patriotic background music!

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Digital Marketing News: Innovative Content Marketing Strategy for Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApps

Have you checked out this clever little technology called Newsfeed SmartApps? This patent pending product lets brand create facebook posts that are interactive and playable right in the newsfeed! Newsfeed SmartApps literally introduces a new content type or a new genre of content that a digital marketer and a social media strategist has in their content marketing toolbox.

Currently you are limited to posting photos, videos, GIFs and links to external URLs as a facebook post. While these are great content types, there are limitations which newsfeed smartapp technology solves. For example, with this tool you can have interactive games playable right in the newsfeed, or have buzzfeed type quizzes that work directly in the newsfeed.

Here’s a short video of how newsfeed smartapps work.

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AliveNow & MEC launch India’s first automobile Messenger chatbot for Mercedes-AMG ’50 Years of Driving Performance’

Drawing from their philosophy of being ‘Driven by Performance,’ Mercedes-Benz became the first ever automobile brand in India to launch a Facebook Messenger chatbot to commemorate ’50 years of AMG’. AMG has had a history of many firsts and they took this one step further with the ’50 years of AMG’ Chatbot. Built by award winning digital agency, alivenow in collaboration with media agency MEC, the chatbot was launched earlier this week with hundreds of users already interacting with it.

The chatbot unlocks the AMG journey of ’50 years’ through a dynamic narrative, which gives fans a chance to test their AMG knowledge with a quiz and gets them to travel through time by throwing facts from different years. Known for its ‘One man, One engine’ philosophy the AMG chatbot creates a custom video for each fan with their name in it, drawing parallels between their pursuit of excellence and that of AMG’s. Mercedes-Benz and AMG enthusiasts can interact with the bot here –

Speaking about the ’50 years of AMG’ chatbot, Mr. Amit Thete, General Manager for Marketing and CRM at Mercedes-Benz India said, “For AMG, we are always looking to bring out new innovations. With this AMG chatbot, we can say that we were able to translate the brand philosophy digitally while creating an interesting experience for our AMG fans across India. We invite all our fans out there to join us in celebrating ’50 years of driving performance’.”
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Dubai’s largest bank, Emirates NBD, works with Bengaluru based alivenow for Facebook Savings Chatbot

Emirates NBD, one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East, has launched anengagingFacebook messenger chatbot to educate users about how savings from Emirates NBD can be rewarding. Users can interact with the bi-lingual chatbot in English or Arabic after getting started. The chatbot journey talks about how savings with Emirates NBD can win youthe Bentley Mulsanne as a grand prize or exclusive Omega Globemaster and Seamaster watches every month.

The Facebook messenger chatbot was conceptualized and developed by award winning digital agency, alivenow. Short, crisp, and immersive, the chatbot has cool features like audio, link-outs, questions, etc. This unique digital activation makes Emirates NBD is the first bank in the Middle East to launch a chatbot exclusively for a campaign.The campaign chatbot will be active till the end of March but has already received an incredible response.

Vikram Krishna, EVP, Group Marketing and Customer Experience at Emirates NBD shared,“To revolutionize the way business interact with customers, we introduced Emirates NBD Savings Chatbot to source leads by selling our products and services on Facebook Messenger offering an additional and quick channel to become an Emirates NBD customer. This Virtual Assistant on Facebook using natural or conversational English, offers a quicker, simpler, intuitive and personalized customer experience.”

alivenow which is known for its patent pending product Newsfeed SmartApps and other innovative technologies like Live Video Apps, has built a robust team to develop and deploy messenger chatbots. They’re working with leading retail, automobile and fashion brands who will soon be launching unique Facebook messenger chatbots to connect with their audience.
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