Press coverage of Newsfeed SmartApps campaign for Reebok’s Facebook audience

Our subsidiary, Newsfeed SmartApps recently partnered with leading digital agency, isobar to launch a fun and engaging Newsfeed SmartApp for Reebok India. This was to promote the launch of Reebok


Newsfeed SmartApps are Interactive Posts on the Facebook Newsfeed.

Did you know that from late 2014 to mid-2016 over 150 brands have used Newsfeed Apps to engage with their audience? Newsfeed Smartapps is a revolutionary product that enables brands


Here’s What Facebook’s ‘Want’ Button Will Probably Look Like

Facebook is coming with a “Want” button? It looks like Facebook is all set to launch itself into the online buying space more effectively across the world, the much rumored


INFOGRAPHIC: Battle Of The Sexes On Social Networks!

Where do you think men and women are from on social networks. Check the infographic and remain prepared to be shocked!! Source: Mashable

INFOGRAPHIC: Being Social in the Office!

Are you a person who can’t keep away from the social media platforms? Then this infographic is for you. There are different ways companies limit access to the use of