Arvind Lifestyle’s UNLIMITED is India’s first fashion brand to unveil a new collection on Facebook Live!

Arvind Lifestyle’s brand UNLIMITED became the first fashion brand in India to unveil a new collection on Facebook Live which was powered by fan engagement. Digital marketing agency alivenow helped conceptualize and launch this unique FB Live video app engagement.

To unveil the new collection, fans were urged to like and react to the Live video and at a target of every 50 or 100 likes on the video 3 new looks from the new collection were automatically revealed! There was a real time counter showing how many likes the video received. Fan’s who liked the video could also see their names appear on screen, which made it truly a audience powered fan driven digital activation.
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Press coverage of Newsfeed SmartApps campaign for Reebok’s Facebook audience

Our subsidiary, Newsfeed SmartApps recently partnered with leading digital agency, isobar to launch a fun and engaging Newsfeed SmartApp for Reebok India. This was to promote the launch of Reebok ZPump shoes and get engagement and interaction with fans on the Reebok India Facebook page.

Newsfeed SmartApps team along with isobar and Reebok India launched a game where users have to run in 3 different environments and cross hurdles in the best possible time. Winners got ZPump shoes and the campaign has been a great success so far. Given below is some of the coverage we got for this activation.

Ad Age India –

Best Media Info –

AdGully –

Digital Market Asia –

Campaign Brief Asia –

Abodo Magazine –

Sneakers News –


Zeno Group and Motorola Vietnam newsfeed smartapps


Newsfeed SmartApps are Interactive Posts on the Facebook Newsfeed.

Did you know that from late 2014 to mid-2016 over 150 brands have used Newsfeed Apps to engage with their audience? Newsfeed Smartapps is a revolutionary product that enables brands to create interactive posts for their Facebook page. Newsfeed apps are mobile friendly, easy to post, can be promoted as a boost post, has robust back end analytics and is patent pending. Global agencies like Havas, Ogilvy, Cheil, Starcom MediaVest, Omnicon and many others have partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps so they can deploy this innovative solution for their clients.

Havas Chicago worked with us to launch a Newsfeed SmartApp for AutoZone USA where users could scratch to reveal a new product and unlock a link for a discount. This is a great way to use newsfeed apps for coupons and promotions.

Ogilvy Singapore worked with Newsfeed SmartApps to launch a creative activation for Qantas Airlines’ Syndey Adventure promotion. Right in the facebook newsfeed, users could choose a sydney adventure that interested them.

Cheil’s London office used newsfeed apps twice for Samsung UK. For both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 launches they used newsfeed apps in very creative ways. With Newsfeed apps they had a split screen with a live stream on the left and twitter clues on the right about where the Galaxy phone’s were hidden and the first user to find the phones in different cities won the phone.

Omnicon Dubai deployed Newsfeed SmartApps for Ramadan as clients like Pepsi and 7up used it to convey wishes and spread the celebratory mood. Another brilliant use of newsfeed app was by Starcom’s Dubai office when they used it for Kraft foods during Ramadan. In one post they had a calender with 30 dates and each date had 3 recipe videos. So in one post or status update, Kraft achieved something quite amazing – they had 90 videos that users could view.

Newsfeed SmartApps solves many problems both on the client and agency side. Clients are looking for new and creative ways to engage with their Facebook audience and agencies too are looking for fresh and innovative ways to communicate with the large audience the brand speaks to on Facebook. Keep checking the newsfeed smartapps facebook page for new and interesting apps we launch. Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help!


Here’s What Facebook’s ‘Want’ Button Will Probably Look Like

Facebook is coming with a “Want” button? It looks like Facebook is all set to launch itself into the online buying space more effectively across the world, the much rumored “Want” button might come in handy for the Facebook User. With a Want button, in addition to existing plug-ins such as Subscribe and the Like button, Facebook friends would likely be able to see items others in their network want to purchase. Could turn out to be a heads up on what a friend wants thereby getting him/her the product as a gift?

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